She gets tired and she's supposed to be solid all the time. She wants to scream but who will pierce through her soul, heart and teary eyes to fix her?  Women are complicated, they say ,but she just wants loyalty, time, attention and affection. You never lose a good man, you just lose a man… Continue reading WHAT SHE REALLY WANTS.



Lets agree that time is of essence and you are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are meant to be doing and with whom you are meant to be with at this particular time. In the end, everything falls into place. Eventually, you will be where you are supposed to… Continue reading GIVE TIME, TIME!


Ask a girl about her type of guy and she will  give you an answer. That much , I am certain. The rare type of guy is still in existence  and yes, he does exist. Lets talk about my day-dream guy. I have no idea if we have met, if you're my best friend ,… Continue reading HIM